J. Brent Lee, Vice President of Operations

J. Brent Lee, Vice President of Operations,

Indiana Business Railroad

In today’s world, railroad insurance requirements can be challenging. The solution for Indiana Business Railroad has always been McRail, the industry leader in railroad insurance. The McRAIL Team consistently provides the direction and guidance coupled with excellent customer service that we need as a short line railroad.

Mike McConville

Mike McConville,

Mount Hood Railroad

I am very happy with the service McRAIL has provided. The communication is quick and complete.

The choices were explained in a way I could easily understand, and the best part is that the payment terms are digestible. A recent example: Because of the pandemic, revenues are way down. McRAILl was able to work with us in a way that all commitments can be met and coverage stays robust.

I do not hesitate to recommend McRAIL.

Jeff Stover

Jeff Stover,

SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority

As a railroad owner, we rely on the expertise of Tripp Salisbury and the McRail team to guide us through the maze of railroad insurance.  They provide us the details of coverages, liability exposures and any gaps in order to make informed business insurance decisions.   We are a freight operation, but also partner with other parties for 20 seasonal rail passenger excursions annually.  That brings in additional complexity to our liability exposures.  Tripp and the McRail team have been invaluable in guiding us through the myriad of coverages needed when inviting the public onto the railroad property.

Chris Arlt, Managing Member

Chris Arlt, Managing Member,

River City Iron Works

I have many things I'd like to say about our recent experiences with McRail. If you’re looking for a firm to handle all of your insurance needs, from the early underwriting right through to the final issuing of certificates (and everything in between) McRail should be your choice. My previous experiences in acquiring insurance prior to McRail wasn't good at all, from not being able to get anyone to answer my emails or phone calls to just not being knowledgeable about Rail related insurances. Trust me when I say, you’re not going to have any of that with McRail. Our broker, Tripp Salisbury, is the best of the best and never has there been a moment where he did not respond to questions or pick up the phone to take our calls. He even negotiated our coverage requirements with our rail clients. He has an excellent knowledge of Railroad related coverages and the McRail staff is equally as professional. My business partners and I could not be happier having found McRail when we did and would never consider going anywhere else. Considering how important insurance is these days, it's important to trust the broker you engage to handle all the requirements and to navigate you through all the technicalities of rail related insurance.  There is no question about trust with Tripp and the entire McRail staff and they are there to make it as painless as possible and will treat you like part of their McRail family. 

Phil Fritts, Safety Director

Phil Fritts, Safety Director,

Town of Jonesborough

Mcrail exhausted all efforts to assist us, and went above and beyond in their efforts… thanks to your staff for the excellent customer service… the quality of service I received is a testimony to the type of organization you manage.

Craig R. Lefever, Vice President - General Manager

Craig R. Lefever, Vice President - General Manager ,

Strasburg Rail Road Company

For more than 15 years McRail has provided the Strasburg Rail Road with timely and informative quotes, institutional knowledge and education concerning the railroad insurance markets, and professional, courteous, and timely service for any needs that have arisen on our railroad.

Jeb S. Stotter, Vice President

Jeb S. Stotter, Vice President,

North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates

Since 1984, we have contracted with McRAIL for all of our railroad insurance needs. McRAIL provides exemplary customer service and invaluable consultation to our six short lines. Simply stated, we consider McRAIL to be the premier insurance provider to the short line railroad industry.

Christie Brush, Regional Vice President - Houston

Christie Brush, Regional Vice President - Houston,

Avalon Risk Management

Our client asked us to secure a quote to meet insurance requirements that I thought would be unattainable.  Our agency reached out to Tripp Salisbury at McRail, and he immediately sprang into action.  Not only did he achieve the limits and coverage needed, he did it in record-breaking time.  I have never seen a broker go so far above and beyond the call of duty to get something done.  I am extremely impressed by Tripp’s knowledge and professionalism.  He kept us informed throughout the process and made himself available at all times to answer any questions/concerns.  I highly recommend McRail and Tripp Salisbury to anyone looking to place Railroad Liability coverage.

R. Mark Bryant, CEO

R. Mark Bryant, CEO,

Buckingham Branch Railroad

We have used Bob McCarthy and McRail Insurance as our liability insurance broker for many years. We have found Bob and his team to be reliable and trustworthy advisors in railroad liability insurance matters. They advocate for us with the insurance company when needed and they work hard each year to find us the most appropriate and cost effective liability insurance.

Wayne York, Excursion Manager,


The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc. has been well served by McRail.   We operate a 70 year old steam locomotive pulling mainline railroad excursions with 700+ passengers all over the eastern US, on several rail carriers.  It is certainly a rare and unusual operation and McRail has given us outstanding service and advice.  Subrogation has been a critical issue for us and special arrangements have been made with Underwriters for a satisfactory solution. More recently, a status-quo Renewal in May 2015 would have resulted in a 10% rate increase for the FWRHS.  On their own initiative, McRail sought out an arrangement to split the coverage between two different carriers, almost eliminating any increase.  We can't say enough good things about the McRail team.   PS - I have been licensed as an insurance agent in Ohio for over a decade and even if I worked in those markets, I doubt that I could do as well as they have.